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Apple Reportedly Extorted by Cyber Attackers Over Stolen iCloud Credentials

According to a report by Motherboard, Apple is reportedly being extorted by a gang of cyber attackers that identify themselves as “Turkish Crime Family” over customers’ iCloud credentials. The attackers have threatened to access and remotely wipe iPhones and iPads connected to iCloud accounts using information that they have.

One of the attackers spoke to Motherboard, stating that “I just want my money and thought this would be an interesting report that Apple customers might be interested in reading and hearing”. Screenshots of the conversation between the cyber attackers and Apple were reportedly provided to Motherboard, and they also uploaded a YouTube video demonstrating how they have access to iCloud accounts.

In the video, they’ve shown how they have access to iCloud data of the users, and how they may choose to erase the data and wipe clean the devices that are connected to the iCloud accounts. Moreover, the attackers have claimed that they have access to 300 million iCloud accounts, 559 million according to another conversation, and unless Apple pays up, they’ll delete all data on those accounts.

Motherboard is one of the media outlets that Turkish Crime Family have contacted and fed information, presumably as an attempt to put pressure on Apple. However, the only response they’ve managed to extract from Apple is that they’re ready to hand over the archived conversations to the authorities, as is apparent by the conversations Motherboard had access to.

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