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Apple Launches iPhone SE in 32GB and 128GB Storage Variants

On the same date as the company announced it last year, Apple has today launched the iPhone SE with an upgrade to storage capacity: instead of 16GB and 64GB, users will now be able to buy 32GB and 128GB models at the same price.

Lack of external storage are Apple’s usage of internal storage, especially in the 16GB variant, have long been the two points that users have criticized Apple for not introducing. The Cupertino company started making amends for it last September, with the announcement of an iPhone, iPhone 7, with 32GB base storage for the first time.

That expansion in storage offered has been carried forward to the 4-inch iPhone 5S-lookalike iPhone SE as well, without any changes in pricing. iPhone SE still starts at $399, but it comes with 32GB storage now instead of the previously-offered 16GB. Moreover, the 64GB variant has also seen its storage doubled to 128GB, again, with no increase in price.

iPhone SE retains the rest of the specs, however, with the same A9 processor and 2GB RAM that made it to iPhone 6S, as well as the 12MP rear-camera and Live Photos. 3D Touch, or Force Touch as it is called on iPhone, is still missing from iPhone SE, and the rumored jump to mirror the specs of iPhone 7 has also been skipped by Apple.

With reviews from various sources echoing similar sentiments, iPhone SE remains a powerful device at just $399. Its A9 processor and 2GB RAM, coupled with a well-rounded camera are good value for the price, and the battery is a major plus point for attracting potential buyers. Its 4-inch form-factor has been a turn-off for some, but it was never offered for the entire iPhone clientele in the first place, and it has been a tremendous success for those that value a handset in its 4-inch form.

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