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AMD Unveils Vega GPU Series: Radeon RX Vega

While AMD did not plan to hold today’s Capcaisin and Cream event as a launch day for Vega, Radeon Technology Group’s Head Raja Koduri ended the show by dropping a small piece of information. The next Radeon lineup based on Vega will be called Radeon RX Vega.

That is correct, there will be no RX-500 to mark the succession from Polaris, Radeon RX Vega is what the gaming graphics card from AMD will be referred to as. As confirmed by AMD once again, Vega will tap the high-end market, which is currently dominated solely by rival Nvidia.

Now it remains to be seen what products will occupy the high-end. The much anticipated RX-490 will fall in this lineup, albeit with a different name now. Judging by the name, it seems like a complete successor series to Fury series, it will be interesting to see where the less high-end successor to RX-390 falls in it.

AMD also talked more about Vega exclusive features on-stage such as High-Bandwidth Memory Controller and Rapid Packed Math. High-Bandwidth Memory Controller allows the GPU to use its available memory efficiently, so game data is allocated in the memory in a way that actually increases the minimum frame rate by 100 percent, improving not just minimum frames but overall performance. Vega is officially slated to arrive in the first half of 2017, rumors point to a May release.

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