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121,000 Xbox One Controller Chargers Recalled Due To Burn Hazard

121,000 Xbox One double video game controller chargers have been recalled by “Performance Designed Products LLC”, the company that designed them. 24 reports of the Energizer 2X Smart Chargers overheating and deforming their plastic have surfaced in the US. Yes; you heard that right. The Energizer company that makes the AA and AAA cell batteries. The company sent a Consumer Product Safety Notice to recall them all. The chargers are all black plastic with the word “Energizer” printed on them. No injuries have been reported as of yet but the recall is the responsible thing to do before any Note 7 like incident occurs like the unfortunate jeep fire last year.

The problem is occurring specifically with the model numbered 048-052-NA. However, you may want to keep an eye on your model for any inconsistencies that can arise. Those who are concerned about their chargers can call 800-263-1156 from 1 pm to 7 pm E.T. They can also go to the website, www.pdp.com and click on Safety Recall for further information.

Performance Designed Products is offering a full refund on the chargers. Overheating is becoming a recurring problem in today’s market as more and more devices fall prey to it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and the Samsung washing machines last year, as well as the HP laptop batteries heating up, have done a lot of damage to consumer confidence and the human interest stories piling up do more damage than the statistics themselves.

The controller chargers were sold at Best Buy, GameStop and Amazon from February 2016 to February 2017. Amazon has now begun sending out warnings with the chargers:

“We have learned of a potential safety issue that may impact products(s) you have purchased through the Amazon.com website:”

Energizer 2X Smart Charger for Xbox One”


121,000 chargers have been sold in the US, with 7250 chargers being sold in Canada and 2560 in Mexico. 

Xbox One

The Xbox One has been a very problematic console for Microsoft. It has sold roughly half the number of units as its counterpart PS4 has and it has run up against problems like not having support for major titles and being outdone by the PS4 on every issue of consequence like the price. The Xbox One doesn’t have support for VR yet which has been added into the PS4 by the PSVR headset. Project Scorpio may be their ticket out of this mess but right now the tally stands at PS4 54.28 million units sold and Xbox One 28.28 million units sold. The numbers say it all.



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