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Ubisoft Not Interested in New Rainbow Six Siege Game Modes

Ubisoft is committed to support Rainbow Six Siege with new content for years to come, but that doesn’t include new game modes.

Speaking with PC Gamer, creative director Xavier Marquis confessed that new game modes are “something that we do not want to do”. Rather, the development team is focused on creating new operators and multiplayer maps, as well as improving the gameplay in terms of balance.

According to brand director Alexandre Remy, operators and maps bring “so much depth” to the game which a new game mode cannot. It’s the “DNA of the game” and a formula that helps retain players, as well as incite newcomers to hop aboard.

Rainbow Six Siege is into its second year. Similar to the first, there are four seasonal updates planned to roll out eight new operators, four new maps, accompanied by a host of cosmetic options.

Ubisoft is looking forward to adding at least 50 operators to the current Rainbow Six Siege roster. With a road-map of releasing eight new operators a year, it might be that the developer is interested in doubling that when the game enters its third year.

The idea is to add diversity for every role and objective. For a considerable time, Thermite was the lone operator to pick in order to breach reinforced walls. The last expansion pack added Hibana who brings another way of doing the same task. Furthermore, the upcoming expansion pack is adding yet another operator that too does the same job but in a different manner.

“At that moment every choice is tough choice for the player and not an obvious one,” said Remy. “Looking at MOBAs, those games have from 80 to 100 characters and that still works.”

One thing’s certain, Ubisoft is going to have a nightmare when it comes to balancing over 50 operators in the game.

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