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Steam Prices Increase in Several Countries Due to New Sales Tax

Valve is increasing Steam prices in over a dozen countries under a new ruling that makes it a mandatory requirement for sales tax to be applied to digital goods and services.

The company has already informed its official partners in the respective countries to add the region-appropriate sales tax to all items on the Steam Store. This essentially means that the days of purchasing games without having to pay tax have come to an end.

The following countries will be updating its Steam prices from the months listed:
March 2017

  • Switzerland 8%
  • South Korea 10%
  • Japan 8%
  • New Zealand 15%
  • Iceland 24%
  • South Africa 14%
  • India 15%

April 2017

  • Serbia 20%

May 2017

  • Taiwan 5%

July 2017

  • Australia 10%

As far as the users are concerned, they will see a single advertised price of every product on Steam. The sales tax will be “separated out afterwards” by Valve.

For quite a while, many individuals from the community have designated their Steam accounts to come under regions with lower pricing. Without a region-locking limitation, users have been taking advantage of the freedom to purchase games at cheap rates when compared with the converted amount of their own respected region.

The updated tax jurisdiction was bound to happen sooner or later.

Valve is expected to make an official announcement soon to inform the public.

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