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Sniper Elite 4 Features PS4 Pro and DirectX 12 Support at Launch

In just over a week, Sniper Elite 4 will officially release worldwide with support for both PlayStation 4 Pro and DirectX 12.

According to developer Rebellion Developments, the PlayStation 4 Pro version will boast higher and stable frame-rates. Additionally, owners of the upgraded console can also expect to see improved lighting, faster loading times, sharper textures and great image quality of reflections. Furthermore, the PlayStation 4 Pro version will benefit from increased draw distances so that players can spot that head-shot in the distant horizon.

The DirectX 12 support on PC will likely offer benefits as well. That being said, much of the enhancements mentioned above for the PlayStation 4 Pro will already be available in the game. All you have to do is crank up the graphical settings.

That being said, developer Rebellion Developments hasn’t clarified as to whether we’ll require a day-one update to procure that added support.

“We’ve worked really hard to make Sniper Elite 4 our biggest and best game ever,” said studio co-founder Chris Kingsley in a statement. “And now the power of DirectX 12 on PC means we can take things even further for our fans who want the best sniper experience in the world. We’re turning everything up to 12!”

Sniper Elite 4 is a direct sequel to the third installment and features the same third-person tactical stealth elements that the series has become to be known for. Dubbed as the “defining World War II game for a generation”, Sniper Elite 4 offers players to make history by assassinating Adolf Hitler.

The game’s scheduled for a release on February 14 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-ordering nets you a Camouflage Rifles Skin Pack and the Target: Führer mission DLC which takes you to a secret Nazi U-boat facility.

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