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Sledgehammer Begins Hyping Call of Duty 2017

This year’s Call of Duty installment is being handled by Sledgehammer Games and the developer can’t wait to officially reveal its features.

Responding to fans on Twitter, general manager and co-founder Glen Schofield claimed that the new Call of Duty game is going to be the best one yet from the studio.

“There’s nothing I can say about the game except there are boots and ground and I guess some roots. I hope I can talk soon or I may implode,” he said. “Wait until we reveal. You’re gonna go nuts. Our best yet dude! Man, I’m so psyched to show it… someday.”

The last time Sledgehammer Games dipped its fingers into the franchise was back in 2014 when it released Advanced Warfare. However, the studio is ditching the futuristic setting this year. The new installment will be returning to the series’ roots, much to the pleasure of long-time fans of the franchise.

The decision to opt for the older setting, rumored to be World War II, also comes as a breathe of relief for the consumer-base because it means the end to the sci-fi era of exo suits and booster packs. It goes without saying that the repeated installments, delving in the same theme, have made the series more stale than ever.

Schofield refrained from mentioning a release date. That being said, Call of Duty games normally get released in November. Hence, fans should mark their calendars once again. In addition, previous installments have mostly been revealed ahead of E3 press briefings. It’s likely that the multiplayer features of Call of Duty 2017 will be unveiled on-stage, with a reveal trailer arriving somewhere in May.

Elsewhere on his Twitter feed, Schofield stated that the new game will make people go “nuts”. Do you believe him or will it be just another Call of Duty game like that countless we have already endured?

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