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Resident Evil 7 Was Cracked Within Days, Denuvo Responds

Denuvo prides itself as a notable anti-tampering system that is designed to protect video games from being cracked. Platforms like Steam and Origin come with conventional Digital Rights Management policies that ensure a game isn’t copied to be palmed off to others for free. However, as we’ve come to see, games are usually cracked within days and uploaded online for free.

In the past, Denuvo made it so that games boasting its anti-piracy system wouldn’t be cracked so soon after release. Months would go by and interest in illegal copies would wane for an upcoming release. The system was effective to the extent that notorious hacking group 3DM predicted the end of piracy on PC.

Unfortunately, Denuvo seems to have a chink in its armor. Resident Evil 7 was cracked within days after being released last week. The Denuvo system couldn’t protect it from the cracking community, making everyone wonder if Denuvo has lost its meaning.

“Please note that we always position our Anti-Tamper solution as hard to crack, not as uncrackable,” Denuvo marketing director Thomas Goebl told Eurogamer in a statement. “So far only one piracy group has been able to bypass it.”

He assured that the Denuvo team will continue to improve its anti-piracy solution and create security updates for upcoming versions. The recent hacks have only allowed the developers to learn more about potential bypasses. These will be plugged in the near future.

“It’s correct that the title in question was cracked some days after release. Given the fact that every unprotected title is cracked on the day of release – as well as every update of games – our solution made a difference for this title.”

It should be noted that companies pay Denuvo for its system. In this case, Capcom is speculated to remove Denuvo from the game altogether and perhaps even seek a refund. When asked about it, Goebl responded that there are no current deals in place that offer refunds if a game is cracked within a specific time frame.

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