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Online Gaming Goes Free On PS4 and Xbox this Weekend

Both Sony and Microsoft are hosting a free multiplayer weekend, giving everyone the opportunity to taste the exciting online aspect of a variety of games.

Microsoft went first with its announcement, calling it the “Multiplayer All-Access” event which will run from February 16-19.


“Calling all friends to participate in our Multiplayer All Access event!” said Microsoft. “For four days only, play with friends and gamers worldwide for free on both Xbox One and Xbox 360.”

During the four-day span, users will not be required to own an Xbox Live Gold subscription to avail the company’s online services. Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners will be able to jump into the multiplayer arena of their favorite games for no charge, as long as they own the game in question.

In addition, Rocket League and NBA 2K17 will be free to download and play throughout the All-Access event but will be so for only Xbox One owners. It should be noted that access to both games will be taken away once the free multiplayer weekend ends.

Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t announce any special treatment for those who are already acting subscribers of Xbox Live Gold.


In a race to share the spotlight, Sony followed quickly by announcing its own free multiplayer weekend. However, in contrast to Microsoft, Sony is upping its offering by extending the promotion for an entire week.

“That’s right — one full week of competitive or cooperative play online!” said Sony. “This should give you enough time to prestige at least once on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, right?”

Without a fancy name to boast, the company’s free multiplayer event will commence from February 17 and conclude next week on February 23. During this period, PlayStation 4 owners will no longer require the need of a valid PlayStation Plus subscription to play online.

The lengthy period of free online gaming is certainly appreciated but a minor hitch lies in the fact that Sony will not be providing any free games to download as trial during the week. While Microsoft will be offering two popular multiplayer titles, Sony will be restricting its consumer-base to games they already own or purchase during the week.

Consoles aren’t the only place to experience the thrill of multiplayer gaming. There are also various online casino games that you can play from your PC or mobile devices. Do let us know whether you or a friend plans to take advantage of the free weekend in the comments below.

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