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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Arriving in March, Multiple Sources Confirm

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080 Ti continues to be one of the highly-anticipated graphics cards. After the GPU was a no-show at CES 2017, a rumor pointed to a reveal at PAX in April. However, new reports are claiming that GTX 1080 Ti is being prepped for launch in March.

According to NordicHardware, production has already begun for next month’s release. That’s not all, IO-Tech claims that GTX 1080 Ti will be revealed on February 28 – the same day NVIDIA is scheduled to hold a GeForce gaming event at GDC. The timing makes sense, GTX 1080 Ti should arrive with a price cut for GTX 1080 which is now around eight months old.

Unfortunately, specifications of the GPU are still unknown. We know that it will feature a cut-down specification of the GP102 chip, but aspects such as the type of memory is still under speculation. At this point, HBM2 is out of the picture considering the $1200 TITAN XP does not feature it. Rumors are fighting between the possibility of GDDR5X and GDDR5, and the exact memory is also an unknown aspect; the GPU could either have 10GB or 12GB VRAM.

GTX 1080 Ti will bridge the gap between GTX 1080 and TITAN XP. The highly-anticipated GPU will fulfill the dream of 4K/60fps @Ultra for those willing to pay the price which is expected fall somewhere between $700 – $749. The successor to GTX 980 Ti will be a beast in every regard, but there’s a threat looming on the horizon, and it’s red in color. AMD’s Vega-based GPUs are in the pipeline for 2017 and expected to launch in May. The red team has already demoed Vega’s capability to deliver 4K/60fps gaming, and with HBM2 on board, the high-end tier occupant will represent the cutting-edge in GPU technology. AMD’s pitch to deliver high-performance at affordable price that started with RX-400 series might trail behind the upcoming series.

The threat from the competition might push NVIDIA to launch the GTX 1080 Ti at the earliest and wrap up the GTX 1000 series before AMD makes it to the market.

Source: Videocardz

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