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No Man’s Sky’s Sean Murray Will Talk Maths at GDC 2017

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games and creator of No Man’s Sky, is finally resurfacing for a lecture at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this month.

According to a schedule posted on the official website, Murray is penned to deliver an address on the complexities and science involved in using mathematics to create the open world of No Man’s Sky.

The game uses a procedural system to generate entire planets and wildlife, and more. Murray will explain in detail just how that works behind the scenes, so that aspiring developers and content producers can developer their own procedural generators as well.

No Man’s Sky is a science fiction game set in a near infinite procedurally generated universe. This lecture will describe some of the most important technologies and interesting challenges behind generating both realistic and alien terrains without artistic input, using mathematics. It also focuses on creating and testing an infinite environment with small team, in particular programmer generated worlds and art.

No Man’s Sky released for PlayStation 4 and PC in August of last year. It was one of the most anticipated titles of 2016, but, unfortunately for Hello Games, only ended up as the most controversial.

Throughout its pre-release marketing period, Sean Murray had been hyping No Man’s Sky as something far bigger than it was intended to be. This led to the community misunderstanding most of his statements, which were later pegged as blatant lies. Hence, No Man’s Sky released last year without several elements and features that many supposed would be there.

There was much flak and heated debates. It caused Sean Murray to go into hiding. We haven’t heard from him for a quite a while; even the game’s social media channels only started ticking recently. There are many questions that fans want Murray to answer when he comes out into the public.

GDC 2017 is scheduled to start later this month on February 27 and will run through to March 3.

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