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Nioh Bug Could Result in Loss of Data

Nioh has a very strange design when it comes to creating and saving your beloved character profiles.

When starting up for the first time, Nioh jumps straight into the game without prompting any character and profile creation window. Usually, the player gets the option of saving his newly created profile to one of multiple available slots. However, this is not the case with Nioh.

If you choose to start a new character to experiment with a different build or for any other reason, Nioh will overwrite your previous main save file. As a result you will lose any and all progress made when you began playing the first time.

There are already reports from many players that suffered this fate. For some reason, Nioh is stuck with the sole original save slot for all characters. In the mean time, many players are backing their progress by exporting the save files to a USB device.

Team Ninja is yet to explain why its action role-playing game is without dedicated save slots in the traditional sense. It is advised that you do not gamble with your progression. Make sure that your character profiles are backed to an external device, or at least until the developer can fix this bug.

Nioh release for PlayStation 4 earlier this week. It already hosted three public demos and the developer listened to critical feedback from each one of them. While the community still had good things to say about the game, Team Ninja refused to scrap even the most tiniest of concerns.

In other news, there’s a player-versus-player (PvP) multiplayer mode in the works for Nioh. The bad news is that the mode will not be available on release. However, Team Ninja has promised that the PvP feature will be added later to the game through a free update. More information will be released to the public in the coming months.

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