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Nintendo Switch Development Kits Will Reportedly Be Affordable

Nintendo Switch marks a turning point for the Japanese company. In many aspects, Nintendo has promised to be more lenient towards indie and third-party developers. It is now fulfilling on that promise by making its Nintendo Switch development kit fairly affordable for the masses.

According to several reports coming out of the weekend’s Game Creators Conference 2017, Nintendo will be selling its development kit for ‎¥50,000 or the approximate price of $450. The pricing was purposely calculated by Nintendo in hopes that the low cost will allow indie and third-party developers to bring their games over to the Nintendo Switch. Doing so will only bolster the hybrid console’s library, an important aspect to consider when looking back at the failure of Wii U in the same category.

It should be noted that the Wii U development kit was priced at around $5,000 with the Nintendo 3DS development kit rumored to be somewhere around $2,600 (or nearly $4,000 if you wanted the functionality to capture footage).

Nintendo also took the opportunity of the conference to detail that developing games for the Switch will be similar to that of Wii U and 3DS at the Nintendo Developer Portal. However, there will be some minor differences but Nintendo is yet to detail them.

What developers needs to know is that the console’s support for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity will, in ways, make the development process simpler and more efficient.

Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3 at the prize of $300. Its launch will accompany a total of 10 games which includes 1-2-Switch, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, Just Dance 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I Am Setsuna, Human Resource Machine, Little Inferno, World of Goo, and Super Bomberman R.

The console will feature 32 GB of internal memory but consumers can opt for separate SD cards to increase storage capacity. As such, Nintendo has no current plans to release a different console model that boasts a larger hard drive.

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  1. It still isn’t as good as the Xbox One’s development kit where any console can be a development kit as long you have Microsoft Developer account (which is $20) and any Xbox One.


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