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Horizon: Zero Dawn Reviews Round-Up

With the embargo finally lifted, reviews for Horizon: Zero Dawn have been pouring in since earlier in the morning from all across the globe.

It is unanimous, what Guerrilla Games has managed to achieve with Horizon: Zero Dawn is nothing short of extraordinary. The PlayStation 4 platform has just gotten its next major exclusive title and which will possibly expand into a stellar franchise. After all, the story of Aloy, the game’s female protagonist, is not yet concluded.

Boasting high reviews from every major publisher, Horizon: Zero Dawn has been marked as a triumphant beginning for both the developer and publisher. The action role-playing experience is accentuated by a compelling open-world filled with mysteries and stories waiting to be unlocked.

The game is a visual masterpiece, with Guerrilla Games painstakingly giving large emphasis to even the tiniest of details. Horizon: Zero Dawn will go down as one of the best PlayStation 4 games. Somehow, the developer has reinvigorated the otherwise stale open-world role-playing genre to give you another reason to jump aboard the Sony train.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will release next week on February 28, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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