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Horizon: Zero Dawn Hopes to Sell 6 Million by End of 2017

Sony is on the verge of shifting at least six million units of Horizon: Zero Dawn by the end of the year, reads a new report from SuperData Research.

In addition, the lifetime sales of Horizon: Zero Dawn could easily reach eight million units. If such figures transpire, the title will hit levels close to the likes of Metal Gear Solid V and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. At this point several analysts believe that with a slight push, Sony could end up achieving the most successful game in the history of PlayStation 4 with Horizon: Zero Dawn.

According to SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen, the strong early reviews of the game will help boost sales. Its release is a “key moment” for Sony because hardware sales have begun to slow down drastically. This has resulted in consumers spending more on software. Though such is the claim of the report, Sony revealed in its latest earnings report that PlayStation 4 sales have actually increased year-over-year.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is scheduled to release next week on February 28, and with it will begin an entire campaign where Sony intends to put Aloy, the game’s female protagonist, on a pedestal. The company has already made its intentions clear that it is interested in making her the next PlayStation icon.

Ironically, developer Guerrilla Games has noted that a potential sequel might feature a different protagonist. If Aloy ends up as a fan-favorite character, the writing team might have to consider bringing Aloy back in the sequel.

Boasting high reviews from every major publisher, Horizon: Zero Dawn has been marked as a triumphant beginning for both the developer and publisher. The action role-playing experience is accentuated by a compelling open-world filled with mysteries and stories waiting to be unlocked.

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