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Halo Wars 2 Has No Way of Showing Your Multiplayer Rank

Halo Wars 2 officially launched earlier today but much to the surprise of many, it did so without a competitive multiplayer ranking system.

To clarify, Halo Wars 2 does feature a skill-based matchmaking system which keeps track of players through hidden ranked ratings. These are essential to pit players against those who are on equal levels of skill. However, Halo Wars 2 currently has no way of displaying a rank for players based on that matchmaking system.

What Halo Wars 2 displays at present is your Spartan Rank which is tied to XP progression, not skill. As such, many feel the competitive aspect of Halo Wars 2 to be rather underwhelming since they don’t have a ranked rating to boast about.

According to 343 Industries and Creative Assembly, the decision to launch the game without a competitive multiplayer ranking system was on purpose in order to continue working on balancing the gameplay.

“We decided not to do it at launch because we want to make sure the balance is there,” David Nicholson, executive producer at Creative Assembly, told Eurogamer. “We think we’ve got the game well-balanced, with the two betas we had. But we continually make those balance changes.”

The competitive multiplayer ranking system will come in due time, once the developers feel the game is balanced enough. In addition, Microsoft feels that an environment without a rank hanging above everyone’s heads will prove to be less toxic and more enjoyable.

At least, the players can use the time to be familiar with the game. It has to be asked though, when the developers do roll out the ranking system, will the matchmaking rating be reset?

It should be noted that Overwatch launched without a ranking system as well. The community needs to calm down and wait it out.

“Overall this is definitely something the team is passionate about and takes seriously so for now, at launch, think of it as pre-season and help us refine the game with your feedback and then we’ll kick off a proper ranked playlist season cadence shortly after,” Microsoft said in a post on Halo Waypoint.

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