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For Honor Servers Take a Beating at Launch

For Honor may have hosted several beta events but even those couldn’t help Ubisoft prepare for the horde of players that rammed the servers at launch.

The game’s online infrastructure took a sheer beating as thousands of players attempted to join at once. Several took to social media platforms to voice their disappointment as they found themselves waiting in long queues.

According to several reports, the weight of the large player-base took its tool on the servers as For Honor began suffering from basic network issues, connection errors, online instability, and matchmaking errors. The latter is of significant importance as many players found themselves waiting for long periods of time while For Honor tried its hardest to initiate a match.

The issues are not restricted to a single platform but one error being shown on Xbox One brings up several questions. Many console owners have stated that they are coming across the error: “Requirements not Met”. It appears to be a bug where For Honor thinks that you’re in a one-man party but still aren’t the party leader.

However, Ubisoft has stated that majority of the connection issues will go away soon once the servers catch up. Right now, a large number of players are trying to access the online network at the same time, leading to congestion. Give it a couple of days more and everything will normalize.

It’s almost a tradition to see a major online multiplayer game get its servers wrecked at launch. Regardless of how many precautions a developer takes, there always seems to be more players joining the band to clog the servers. It’s almost impossible to estimate the number of players at launch. Most recently, Conan Exiles suffered a similar fate when it launched through Steam Early Access.

For Honor is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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