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For Honor: Deciphering the Reputation System

Much like any other competitive multiplayer game, For Honor too features a reputation system that comes with its own benefits.

Reputation points are earned once a character has achieved level 20, the maximum in the game. Redeeming a single reputation point means resetting the character back to level 1 and losing any features unlocked during the initial run. While starting back from square one may sound frustrating, For Honor offers several benefits in return.

Firstly, reputation points are visible to all, giving you a fair share of bragging rights. Secondly, new high-end and more powerful equipment can only be unlocked through reputation points, with some locked behind a certain number of reputation points. As such, the more reputation points you have, the greater the chance of earning better equipment in the game.

If it wasn’t already evident, the reputation system in For Honor is fairly similar to how Prestige works in Call of Duty.

On the subject of grinding points as quickly as possible, there really is no such easy path in For Honor. The only efficient way of leveling up is to follow orders. During gameplay, you’ll be shown various missions that assign random tasks for completion. These offer bonus gains and should always be considered a priority. You can look up at the orders available by heading into the associated tab in the multiplayer menu.

Additionally, For Honor has boosts that allow you to gain large amounts of experience. Those who pre-ordered the game will already have access to a limited number of boosts. Don’t forget to make proper use of them.

For Honor released yesterday and is currently sitting on the top as the multiplayer game to play in February. Ubisoft has done a marvelous job on the PC port and there are very few reports of players experiencing hardware and technical issues at launch.

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