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Fire Emblem Heroes Earns Close to $3 Million in Just Two Days

Fire Emblem Heroes, a free-to-play tactical role-playing experience, raked in $2.9 million in revenue in just the first two days of its worldwide launch.

Developed by Intelligent Systems, Fire Emblem Heroes was released by Nintendo on February 2 this week. In the first day of availability on Google Play and the App Store, the mobile game was downloaded more than 2 million times.

It remains as the second-most downloaded free application on the App Store while on Google Play, Fire Emblem Heroes has been downloaded less than 100,000 times. It should be noted that majority of the downloads and revenue are attributed to Japan as the Fire Emblem brand is popular in the country.

Comparing the game’s launch-day downloads with four other popular titles, Fire Emblem Heroes comes behind Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go in third place. It did, though, manage to jump over Clash Royale. In terms of revenue generated on the first day, Fire Emblem Heroes is still in third place, with Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go switching places.

Fire Emblem Heroes features random characters that can be added to your party. According to reports, those in the United States are purposely uninstalling and reinstalling the game just to generate favorable characters. The growing trend might slightly be responsible for the high number of downloads.

Fire Emblem Heroes is the second mobile game to be released by Nintendo. Animal Crossing is still on a hiatus, being pushed away to make room for the release of Super Mario Run last year.

The game is available worldwide except in certain regions of Asia. You earn Orbs by playing the game, and use them to summon heroes to your aid in battle. These Orbs can also be purchased with real-world currency. Simply put, the more Orbs you have, the more characters you can summon.

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