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EA Finally Admits, Titanfall 2 Sales Were Horrible

Until now, we were only speculating and dealing with unofficial sales data to debate over how poorly Titanfall 2 sold last year. However, last night’s earnings call forced publisher Electronic Arts to finally acknowledge that the highly anticipated sequel failed to live up to the company’s expectations.

CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed that Titanfall 2 sold far fewer copies than the company had originally anticipated. However, he refrained from sharing any specific sales number that would give us a better idea about the game’s reception. From the looks of it, EA has decided to indefinitely maintain radio silence over the unit sales for Titanfall 2.

CEO Andrew Wilson assured that the poor sales of Titanfall 2 will not hamper the “great relationship” that EA has with developer Respawn Entertainment. He also added that Titanfall 2 is expected to sell for a long time due to its high quality and offerings.

When asked about why the game failed to crunch good figures, he pointed out that Battlefield 4 saw a slow start as well but went on to sell millions of copies over time. The same is to be expected of Titanfall 2.

“So, the way we think about Titanfall, is that we have what is one of the best games of this year, and certainly one of the best games in this generation of consoles, in what is this year’s largest category,” said Wilson. “And we’ve got a development team who have unbelievable pedigree and a commitment to continue to support the community, and we expect to continue to grow that community through the coming fiscal year.”

Finally, the Titanfall franchise is not going on a hiatus. Many fans feared that EA might close down the series because of the low sales of Titanfall 2. However, EA remains “committed” to the sci-fi series and plans to release more content for the game this year.

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