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Destiny II: Forge of Hope Rumored for PC in November, Will Not Lack Content

A whole basket of rumors was toppled this morning in regards to Destiny II: Forge of Hope, the supposed next installment in the Destiny franchise.

According to an anonymous source claiming to be from inside the ranks of Bungie, Destiny II: Forge of Hope is being developed on a brand new engine that was built from the ground up. The main goal in designing the new framework was to allow the developer to create and add new content with ease and speed. As such, the game will–hopefully–not lack in terms of content.

Taking a page out of League of Legends and Overwatch, Destiny II will feature scheduled events every couple of months that revolve around a specific theme. Additionally, Bungie has plans to add new narrative paths and gameplay mechanics with time to keep the game fresh.

As for the story-setting, Destiny II takes place after the events of The Taken King expansion.

The Cabal forces attack the city leaving the civilians and mentors of the tower defenseless. It is the Guardian’s job to fight back the Cabal and reclaim the city. While doing so the Guardian will discover the long-lost stories of Queen Mara Sov and The Exo Strangers motives.

The story will culminate with the tower and city fighting back the Cabal empire, resulting in the Guardian defeating the leader of the Cabal in the new Raid.

Substantial content updates will be released every quarter, and upcoming expansion packs will hold more value. Reportedly, Bungie is already working on the first paid expansion pack of the sequel which should release in fall 2018.

The new installment is currently looking to release in fall this year, preferably in the holiday season, on five platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, Project Scorpio, and PC.

The sequel will still feature the console exclusivity program from the first game. However, the period has been reduced to three months from a year.

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