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Capcom Files Trademark for Deep Down, Could Be Detailed at E3

Remember Deep Down? The cooperative dungeon crawler is apparently still alive or at least is being kept alive by Capcom in some form.

Deep Down was announced back in 2013 during the proceedings of PlayStation Meeting where Sony debuted the PlayStation 4 console. A gameplay trailer, which looked more like a tech demo, showcased how the game takes inspiration from the Dark Souls franchise and Dragon’s Dogma.

In the months to come, Capcom kept us briefly updated before disappearing altogether. For a long while it was thought that the developer had canned the project. There was not even a mention during the company’s financial briefings. However, the studio kept renewing its trademark. Today, Deep Down has surfaced yet again, purely on the basis of another trademark renewal by Capcom.

It should be noted that while Capcom was extending its trademark in the previous years, the most latest one is a filing made in the United States and is a new trademark at that.

So what does that tell us? While Capcom is maintaining radio silence, we can speculate that Deep Down was simply too much for the console to handle at the time. The developer likely pushed back on development and later decided to switch the platform to PlayStation 4 Pro instead. With the console upgrade’s recent release, Capcom could be getting ready to take stage for Deep Down once again at E3 2017.

Back then, the game was announced exclusively for PlayStation 4. With Project Scorpio hitting markets later this year, Capcom could be going multi-platform for its own benefit. That is, of course, if Deep Down is not just being kept alive in name alone.

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