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Blizzard Objects to Mouse and Keyboard on Consoles for Overwatch

In its commitment to offer an even playing field, Blizzard wants console players to stick to controllers when playing Overwatch.

According to game director Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard sternly “objects to the use of mouse and keyboard on console”. The notion comes from the fact that the peripherals offer massive advantage over traditional controllers when it comes to movement and precision aiming.

He further added that an official representative has already contacted Microsoft and Sony to express concern over the matter. It was implied that Blizzard is yet to receive a favorable response from both first-party console manufacturers.

However, that will not stop the developer from continuing to lobby in the future as well. Blizzard wants Microsoft and Sony to “either disallow mouse and keyboard and input conversion devices or openly and easily support mouse and keyboard for all players”. There’s no middle way as far as Blizzard is concerned.

Furthermore, the console community of Overwatch is also being encouraged to reach out to the hardware manufacturers and express their concerns. Kaplan, though, added that it must be done in a productive and respectful way or else won’t benefit anyone.

Majority of high-level Overwatch players on consoles already use mice and keyboards through converters like XIM. There are even supported USB peripherals that you can buy for your console; though, they are quite expensive. For players utilizing traditional controllers, it’s quite a disadvantage to go against a mouse wielding player.

When asked about it, Blizzard stated that it doesn’t fall into the cheating category. However, it’s not too happy with console players using PC peripherals.

It seems unlikely that Microsoft or Sony will give in to Blizzard’s request. It’s possible that Blizzard looks at this matter from another perspective and proceeds to ban input converters instead. That would certainly stir the hornet’s nest on consoles.

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