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All Four Battlefield 1 Expansions Detailed

The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass covers four major upcoming expansion packs. Earlier today, developer DICE announced details for the remaining three.

Until now, we have been offered details for “They Shall Not Pass” which is scheduled to release next month for Battlefield 1 as its first expansion pack. It will introduce the French army and add four new multiplayer maps to the rotation. Under the vehicles category, the Char 2C tank will join the behemoth family while there is also the St. Chamond to look forward to.

Furthermore, They Shall Not Pass will bring a new melee-focused Elite class called Trench Raider which uses a “Raider Club” and has access to an “impressive grenade arsenal.” There will also be a new stationary field gun, the Siege Howitzer, which can be used by all infantry soldiers to rain hell on the opposing side.

The second expansion pack in the Premium Pass is called “Name of the Tsar” and will introduce the Russian army. Players will ride “with the legendary Hussars” while also taking part in the historic Brusilov offensive and Albion assault.

The third expansion pack is called “Turning Tides” and will focus on naval warfare. Battlefield 1 will receive a new destroyer and coastal class airship. Players should get ready to storm the beaches of Gallipoli.

The fourth and final expansion pack is called “Apocalypse” and will include “the most infamous battles of World War I”. It will introduce the “brutal tools and unique weapons born out of desperation and deadlock”. Apart from the vague description, DICE is refraining from giving away details until the time is ripe. The developer, though, has cautioned players that they will be descending even further into the hell of war.

The Battlefield 1 Premium Pass can be obtained for $49.99. Owners get two weeks of early access to each expansion pack, priority server access, and over a dozen superior-level Battlepacks that feature various in-game cosmetic upgrades for your weapons and vehicles.

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