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Super Mario Run Clocks Over 78 Million Downloads

Released over a month ago, side-scrolling Super Mario Run has now been downloaded more than 78 million times.

It should be noted that the auto-runner clocked over 40 million downloads in just the first four days of launch. In that light, Super Mario Run took over a month’s time to register close to the same figure.

Nontheless, even 78 million downloads is an impressive achievements. However, only 4 million of these players went on to purchase the full game.

Super Mario Run comes in two versions: free and premium, where the former only grants you access to ‘most’ of the first world. Everything else is restricted unless you purchase the full game.

In its latest financial briefing, Nintendo confirmed that everyone’s favorite plumber has a conversation rate of around five percent on iOS devices. That’s not amazing, but still good enough.

Mobile games are usually seen to feature in-game microtransactions. Hence, why many were surprised to see Nintendo opting a different path into the free-to-play territory.

During its launch-week, Super Mario Run comfortably stood at the top of Apple’s grossing charts. The app has since then been lost to oblivion.

Nintendo is now planning the release of the game on Android devices in March. Many expect that revenue figures will get a much-needed boost once the game is out on both platforms.

The company’s Animal Crossing mobile game has been delayed, with focus being given to the timed-exclusive Fire Emblem Heroes on Android which arrives in March as well.

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