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Super Mario Odyssey Is a New Experience on Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey is an open-world sandbox experience on the Nintendo Switch, the company announced during a press event in Tokyo.

Appearing to be a successor to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy bridges both the fantasy and real worlds. The game looks absolutely stunning. However, long-time Mario fans have been finding it hard to digest their favorite plumber jumping across rooftops in New York City.

We saw a glimpse of Super Mario Odyssey back in October when Nintendo released a promotional teaser video for the Switch. As explained by producer Yoshizaki Koizumi, Super Mario Odyssey takes inspiration from multiple arrays for its new settings. We’ve already seen a dense forest and a shanty town. There’s a stage set in the scorching heat of a desert and another in what looks to be made up of candies.

The debut trailer suggests that Mario will be travelling through worlds using a massive flying machine. A number of familiar faces will return, including Princess Peach and Bowser. As it is with every installment, the Princess has once again fallen into the evil clutches of Bowser. This time, the villain has loads of new enemy-types to throw at Mario. Our jumping protagonist, though, also comes prepared with a new special (seemingly alive) cap.

Super Mario Odyssey is the first major Mario game to hit consoles following the release of Super Mario 3D World on Wii U in 2013.

Unfortunately, Super Mario Odyssey is not a launch title for the upcoming hybrid console. Rather, the new take on the iconic Mario franchise will hit shelves this holiday season.

Nintendo Switch is confirmed for an official launch on March 3. It will cost $299.99 in North America, $399.99 in Canada, and $469.99 in Australia. In France and Italy, the price tag will be €349.99 and €329.99 respectively. As for the United Kingdom, Nintendo Switch will hit shelves for £279.99. Finally, it will carry a price tag of ‎¥29,980 in Japan.

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