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Spencer Just Played Games on Project Scorpio for the First Time

The head of Xbox just tried out Project Scorpio for himself for the first time and the games “played great”.

Taking to Twitter, Phil Spencer revealed that he attended multiple meetings today with the team behind Project Scorpio. Microsoft’s console upgrade to Xbox One is shaping up to be something extraordinary. Talking about the console itself, he remarked that it “looked right”. Since Microsoft is yet to reveal the console’s form factor, we’ll just have to take Spencer’s word for it.

The Xbox boss has made it a habit to regularly update us on the development of the console. Last week, Spencer exclaimed that he was “really happy” with what Microsoft’s team of engineers have managed to achieve with Project Scorpio.

The console is slated for an official launch this holiday but is yet to be revealed by Microsoft. It was being assumed that the company is saving the major reveal for E3 2017 in the summers. However, Spencer commented earlier this month that there is uncertainty of Microsoft following through.

Perhaps the company plans to hold an exclusive event just for the console. If so, such an event would probably be held before Microsoft’s press briefing at E3 2017. It would be better if the masses knew what the console looks like and what it really offers before talking about the games launching for it later in the year.

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