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Project Scorpio is a Beast, Reminds Microsoft

We’re just a couple of days into the new year and Microsoft is already reminding us of the upcoming release of Project Scorpio.

Taking to Twitter, head of Xbox games marketing Aaron Greenberg welcomed everyone to the new year by stating that Project Scorpio will be a “beast”. The notion was shared by Microsoft Studios community manager Josh Stein who tweeted that this is the year of Project Scorpio.

Naturally, the social media presence worked its magic to rile up everyone. Fans are pretty excited for the upcoming console release. Head boss Phil Spencer also joined the party, stating that this is going to be a good year. “Work to do on games, platform, XBL and hardware, fun times. I’m waiting to hype until we show games,” he said.

Scheduled to arrive in fall 2017, the upgraded iteration of Xbox One boasts significant hardware improvements that promise benefits for developers and consumers. Games will utilize the beefier technology to offer better visuals and performance. Consumers, on the other hand, will find a cost effective alternative for gaming in glorious 4K resolution and experience virtual reality.

Project Scorpio packs 6 TFLOPs of computing power which is greater than PlayStation 4 Pro. However, some developers are not too convinced that the new console iteration will be dishing out performance boosts early on. As it is with every console, it will take time for developers to understand the inner workings and be friends with the hardware to manage the best possible use of the box.

Microsoft is hoping that the console will close out the lead the PlayStation 4 has attained since release. Do you think Microsoft will be able to make a comeback with Xbox One Scorpio? Let us know in the comments.

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