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Nvidia Overhauls GeForce Now to Deliver On-Demand Game Streaming

Nvidia announced an updated and improved version of its GeForce Now streaming service during its keynote address at CES 2017.

In the past, GeForce Now was exclusive to only Nvidia Shield devices. The hardware manufacturer is opening up to more platforms by making the overhauled GeForce Now service compatible with most Windows- and Mac-based systems.

Most importantly, users will be able to stream their games from a high-end GTX 1060 or GTX 1080-powered cloud. However, that advantage will not come at a cheap price.

Those opting for a GTX 1060 will start off with eight free streaming hours, while those selecting GTX 1080 will get four. However, once the allotted free time has expired, users will have to pay $25 for 20 hours on the GTX 1060 and 10 hours on the GTX 1080.

That’s incredibly expensive and perhaps will act as a key factor in turning most consumers away.

Another distinguishing factor for the improved service is that unlike previously, GeForce Now no longer comes with unlimited access to a pre-selected library of games. Instead, users can install their own games through platforms such as Steam and Origin on cloud-based servers. The games can then be streamed to your computer systems.

Naturally, the quality and stability of the stream will depend on your internet connection. According to Nvidia, a minium of 25 Mbps is required to avail the servicee. Driver and game updates will be handled automatically.

Interested individuals can register for the service now through the official website and get the service for free. However, this limited offer will cap you at a limit of 1 TB worth of games at a time. Additionally, this is also restricted to only those residing inside the United States. Users from outside will be unable to try out GeForce Now.

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