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Nintendo Switch Has Expandable Memory Through Micro SDXC Cards

The Nintendo Switch will boast just 32 GB of internal storage when it officially launches in March. As with every console, consumers are rightfully concerned about running out of space in due time. Thankfully, Nintendo has a nifty solution at hand.

In a statement to Game Informer, Nintendo confirmed that the Switch is designed to be compatible with the SDXC standard. This means that owners will have the option of expanding their storage capacity by purchasing Micro SD cards.

The SDXC standard supports up to 2 TB of additional storage capacity but those are yet to even hit the market. The largest storage option currently available is in the form of 512 GB Micro SD cards.

The beauty of the console’s design is that owners will be able to opt for increased storage solutions as they become available in the market. When the 2 TB Micro SD card does become available, the Nintendo Switch will be compatible from day-one.

Just for reference, the 512 GB Micro SD card will set you back by $200. In the future, the larger variants are likely to cost even higher. The smaller capacity cards, though, sell for progressively less.

The silver lining is that Nintendo Switch games are not required to install to system memory. They work differently from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games. Hence, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to fill the 32 GB drive in the same time as you could with other consoles.

That being said, digital downloads will still be the bane of the Nintendo Switch. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is reported to have an approximate 14 GB installation file-size. That’s about 40 percent of the console’s storage capacity taken away with a single digital game from the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo Switch already boasts pretty expensive peripherals and accessories. Consumers will no have to save up for storage options as well.

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