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New Leak Shares A Lot About The Snapdragon 835!

The New Snapdragon 835

While Qualcomm’s CES 2017 keynote conference is only a couple of days away, a lot of new information about the company’s new Snapdragon 835 has been leaked. The SoC was already announced by Qualcomm last year. But the company as of yet did not talk about it in detail. @evelaks has decided to set the record straight and spill the beans on the Snapdragon 835, following a set of presentation screens that leaked a couple of days ago. The tipster shared what seems to be an official press release for Qualcomm’s high-end chip, even though we cannot be sure, in any case, let’s see what it says.

If the info is legitimate, then according to Qualcomm the chip is,

“smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient than any chipset in history.”

This makes sense, as it has a 10 nm design and has more than 3 billion transistors. Moreover, it is allegedly 40% more power efficient than the Snapdragon 820 while also being 27% faster and 30% smaller than the company’s 2015 flagship.

Practical Improvements

The press release talks about new features that Qualcomm will bring to their chep and technology. Such as the new Quick Charge 4.0. If claims are to be believed, then 5 mins of charging is sufficient for 5 hours of use with this new feature. Moreover, the company also aims to tout improvements to charging, camera capability, security, battery life etc.

More Features

In addition to all of these features, the chipset will offer 25% faster graphics rendering and will display 60 times more colors compared to its predecessor. Motion tracking has been significantly improved as well. Photography will benefit from the chhip due to next-gen 4K video stabilization. The X16 LTE modem will ship along the SoC. The chip will have custom support for 802.11ad networks The modem will be 45% smaller and 60% more power efficient than the one found in the SnapDragon 820.

Haven platform guarantees extra security, and the Snapdragon 835 also comes with object recognition, real-time hand-tracking, voice recognition and biometric authentication, as it’s able to handle all that out of the box, at least based on the leaked info.


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