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New Custom Game “Bleed Out” Revealed for Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is receiving a new custom game called “Bleed Out” later this month where death approaches swiftly to all soldiers.

Posting a new blog post today to update the player-base on the road ahead, DICE revealed that Bleed Out is a variation of Rush where downed soldiers die faster. In other words, players will be able to respawn much faster. In a way, this will also make it a hectic routine for Medics who now have a smaller window of reviving fallen allies.

Additionally, health regeneration will be completely removed from Bleed Out. It’s not only downed soldiers who will die faster but also everyone else.

According to the developer, Bleed Out will go live on January 18. Following that, DICE has a major update planned for release in February which is based on “constant testing and feedback” from the community.

The update will introduce numerous weapon balances, gameplay improvements and tweaks, possibly improvements for the menu system and UI, and more. Presumable, we’ll also see new features arrive for the game’s rent-a-server program, giving administrators more privileges and power. Details for the update will be revealed in the “near future”.

Lastly, DICE reminded us about They Shall Not Pass, the first premium expansion pack for the game. It’s scheduled to release in March, and will feature four new multiplayer maps. The DLC is obviously going to contain more content; weapons, vehicles, skins etc, but DICE is keeping a lid on it for the time being.

They Shall Not Pass is part of the game’s Premium Pass which gives owners a two-week head start for each expansion pack. There are four in total.

Battlefield 1 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. According to third-party statistics, the PlayStation 4 version boasts the largest active player-base. The PC community comes next, followed by Xbox One in the last.

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