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Monolith Soft Announces Xenoblade 2 for Nintendo Switch

Xenoblade 2 is the first major Japanese role-playing game releasing for Nintendo Switch, the company announced during a press event in Tokyo.

Referred to as Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in North America, Monolith Soft is partnering with Nintendo to bring a new fabulous installment in the series. A short debut trailer gave us an early glimpse into the game’s massive futuristic cities, vast and lush environments, and what appears to be a brand new cast of characters.

The concluding scene of the trailer will certainly catch your attention, featuring a tree standing high in the clouds and a giant whale-like creature swimming through the clouds. Either of the two might perhaps have some connection with the storyline.

At the moment, very little is known about the game. From what has been revealed so far, Xenoblade 2 looks fairly familiar and doesn’t seem to be venturing too far from its predecessors. Fans of the series will definitely be jumping with excitement over the announcement.

Director Tetsuya Takahashi is back and will be heading the project personally. It has also been revealed that Masatsugu Saito is acting as the lead character designer. He’s known for his work on Cyborg 009: Call of Justice and Expelled from Paradise.

Xenoblade 2 is slated for a release this year but a more concrete release window is still unknown.

Its predecessor, Xenoblade Chronicles, was released for Wii back in 2013. It was later ported to the 3DS handheld, followed by a spiritual successor in the form on Xenoblade Chronicles X on Wii U in 2015.

Nintendo Switch is confirmed for an official launch on March 3. It will cost $299.99 in North America, $399.99 in Canada, and $469.99 in Australia. In France and Italy, the price tag will be €349.99 and €329.99 respectively. As for the United Kingdom, Nintendo Switch will hit shelves for £279.99. Finally, it will carry a price tag of ‎¥29,980 in Japan.

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