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God of War E3 Trailer Just Passed 15 Million Views

Sony began its E3 2016 press conference with an amazing orchestral performance that transitioned into the debut trailer of God of War. On YouTube, the footage of Kratos running through an enchanted forest with his son has now crossed 15 million views.

What importance does that hold for us? Plenty.

Recently, game director Cory Barlog teased that new information will be shared about God of War once the trailer crosses the aforementioned threshold. With the achievement unlocked, fans are eagerly awaiting for Sony Santa Monica Studio to respond.

The God of War announcement was a tremendous surprise for the PlayStation user-base. While everyone thought that the story of the ash-covered spartan ended with the original trilogy, Kratos apparently survived and now has a new tale to tell.

As revealed so forth, the upcoming God of War takes place right after the events of God of War III. We’re uncertain as to how Kratos survived, and even more confused over why Earth still looks intact in the new trailer.

There are a lot of questions on the minds of fans, mostly pertaining to the appearance of Kratos’ son. It’s believed that the main storyline revolves around his origins.

The God of War series has always been set deep within Greek mythology. The new installments takes a break and ventures into Norse mythology instead. Additionally, the developer is changing the linear approach to an open-world one. According to Barlog, players will have the freedom to choose alternate paths while progressing.

God of War is in development exclusively for PlayStation 4. We’re still without a release window but many are hoping to see the game release this holiday season.

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