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Final Fantasy XV Sales Are Going Great, Ships Over 6 Million Copies

Final Fantasy XV has shipped over six million copies to retailers worldwide, publisher Square Enix announced in a press release.

The Japanese company confirmed that the figure includes both digital and physical sales. However, it didn’t produce a breakdown to clarify just how many units of each medium were sent out. Additionally, it’s unknown just how many units were sent out for each platform. Safe to say, PlayStation 4 dominated in that regard.

It’s important to note that six million copies shipped to retailers doesn’t necessarily translate into six million copies sold through to consumers. As such, we can only speculate on the actual units sold to users until Square Enix drops an official sales report.

Last month, Square Enix confirmed that it shipped over five million copies at launch. Taking into account that Final Fantasy XV released on November 29, that’s an extra million units shipped sometime in December.

Prior to the game’s launch, director Hajima Tabata stated that the game needs to sell at least 10 million copies to be labelled a success. He later clarified that the 10 million sales figure is the studio’s personal goal and has no relation to how many units Square Enix needs to shift in order to turn a profit.

Announced over a decade ago, Final Fantasy XV has seen through a tough development period. Many feared that the final product would be incredibly underwhelming. However, the game was warmly received by critics upon release and lauded for its fantastic storytelling and gameplay aspects, especially the epic boss fights.

Final Fantasy XV features a rich world full of exciting challenges and secrets to discover. It’s now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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