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Crytek Black Sea Rises From the Ashes as Independent Developer

Shuttered Crytek Black Sea is now Black Sea Games, an independent developer that has risen from the ashes of its former employer.

Last month, Crytek broke its silence over reports of unpaid wages. As a result of severe financial problems, the company announced the closure of five of its studios. Crytek Black Sea was one of them.

Interestingly, the new website of Black Sea Games mentions that it was formed in November 2016 which predates the closure announcement of December. Crytek must have informed all the five studios of the impending closure beforehand.

Our mission is to create hard-core games that will entertain you over and over again. We believe the best gaming experiences are coming from challenging the players with meaningful choices while giving them the freedom to create (and share) their own in-game stories. Whether it is a “sandbox” or an “open world”, these are just words. We would know we did our job right, when you feel like: “Ah,… just one more hour”.

The website also confirms that Black Sea Games is currently working on a project. However, it’s still in its early phase of development and the studio is not ready to announce anything at the present moment.

Black Sea Games is being led by Vesselin Hanjiev who was the managing director when the studio was under Crytek. He served the same role before Crytek purchased the company in 2008, after founding what was then called Black Sea Studios in 2001. It is still unclear that how many of the original Crytek staff have remained to work at the new studio.

As for Crytek itself, the company is refocusing its “core strengths” and will operate out of Frankfurt and Kiev. CryEngine “will remain a core pillar of Crytek’s overall strategy, with enterprise licensees and indie developers alike continuing to be served by regular engine updates”. Additionally, the company is committed to supporting developers using its CryEngine technology.

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