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Conan Exiles Servers Are Overflowing, Players Facing Connection Issues

Following its Early Access release today, the harsh open-world of Conan Exiles has proven to be quite popular among the Steam crowd.

The survival-adventure game is currently running a hundred public servers, each with the capacity to host 70 players in total. Funcom, though, underestimated the launch reception of its game. Each server is being overrun with players, with many more stranded in connection queues. The strain on the servers is also causing some players to report latency spikes while playing.

The publisher has vowed to add more servers throughout the Early Access period. However, it didn’t clarify as to whether we can expect a few additions soon. That would certainly prove beneficial for many disgruntled players who are trying to escape the menace of long queue times. Funcom did, though, assure that it’s looking into the connection problems and has asked everyone to be a little patient.

The official Conan Exiles Twitter account is fairly active and constantly providing updates to players. Those who bought into the Early Access should start following the account to be updated with any changes to the game.

Conan Exiles has two types of public servers: Blitz and Default. The former resets after every month while the latter does not erase progression. Funcom has also tagged every server to help players find the right community to be a part of. Tags such as Purist, Hardcore, Role-Playing, Experimental, are just a few to mention.

Besides the two, it also supports private servers which can be found through the Server Settings GUI under options. Private servers allow you to enable PvP, toggle sandstorms, change weather conditions, decide what players lose when they die, and more. There’s a full admin panel at your disposal with a lot of control over the game.

Conan Exiles plans to get out of its Early Access phase within a year’s time.

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