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Conan Exiles Development Road-Map Revealed for 2017

Earlier today, the unforgiving open-world of Conan Exiles officially entered Early Access on Steam. While the servers are being overrun by would-be adventurers, Funcom has revealed its future goals for the game.

According to the developer, Conan Exiles shouldn’t remain in Early Access by the end of the year. It intends to use the coming months to add several new features to the game, improving on current aspects, and polishing Conan Exiles for a “full and final launch” early next year.

Some of the upcoming features include mounts for transportation, siege weapons to take down fortifications, deep character customization, a hit-box setup for character models, and most importantly, sorcery.

  • Mounts and Taming: Later in Early Access we’ll implement mounts and a way to tame them. Mounts will function as transportation methods, and we hope to add mounted combat, but we won’t implement warmounts that fight for you.
  • Expanded Religion System: We want to expand it with doctrines that require you to act a certain way for a period of time in order to gain favor from your god.
  • Siege Weapons: We’re working on implementing the trebuchet into the game soon, allowing you to attack other player’s fortifications with massive rocks. We’re also going to let you shoot rotting corpses with the trebuchet!
  • Clothes Customization: We want players to express themselves through the clothes their exile wears, which is why we will soon implement a system for players to dye and customize their clothes.
  • Expanded Thrall System: For now thralls act as guards or craftsman. We wish to expand this system to thralls can also work as hunter/gatherers for the player. Thrall scheduling and city management will also be added to the game, as well as thrall upkeep with food.
  • Biomes: We launch with the desert biome and will add other biomes during the Early Access period.
  • Hitbox Damage: We will set up damage amounts for the different body parts during Early Access.
  • Sorcery System: Magic is an important part of Conan’s world and so it will be a part of Conan Exiles. You won’t get access to fireball and similar types of combat magic, but going from a starving exile to a dark sorcerer will be a path you can take. It will, however, be long and difficult.

It’s unknown how Funcom will be choosing what feature to roll out first. The developer did promise regular updates and tailoring content according to the needs of players.

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