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Capcom Interested in Nintendo Switch but Not in Bringing Resident Evil Over

Capcom is among dozens of development partners confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. However, when it comes to the famed Resident Evil series, the studio has no current plans to bring it over.

Speaking with Express Online, producer Masachika Kawata exclaimed great interest in making games for the upcoming hybrid console. He praised Nintendo for creating a “very unique piece of hardware” and stated that he’s looking forward to the possibilities of the system itself.

When asked about the potential in releasing a Resident Evil game on the Nintendo Switch, Kawata replied that Capcom has no current plans to do so. He didn’t clarify as to whether this meant no plans for a brand new Resident Evil installment on the Switch or if it also covered a remaster for an older installment.

Resident Evil 7 is scheduled to release on January 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. From the looks of it, we can be certain that at least this Resident Evil game is not arriving on Nintendo’s new console anytime soon.

Nintendo Switch is confirmed for an official launch on March 3. It will cost $299.99 in North America, $399.99 in Canada, and $469.99 in Australia. In France and Italy, the price tag will be €349.99 and €329.99 respectively. As for the United Kingdom, Nintendo Switch will hit shelves for £279.99. Finally, it will carry a price tag of ‎¥29,980 in Japan.

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