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Arkane Ensures Prey PC Will Be Optimized at Launch

Arkane Studios is “paying more attention” to the PC version of Prey, ensuring fans that they will not face performance issues at launch.

The developer just wrapped up the release of Dishonored 2, a marvelous stealth installment in the series. However, the PC version was marred by technical problems at launch. Ranging from frame-rate fluctuations to missing textures, peripheral problems to congested memory allocations, Dishonored 2 on PC had to receive multiple updates post-launch to smooth out gameplay.

Arkane Studios has learned from the release of Dishonored 2 and doesn’t want to repeat history with Prey. According to Creative director Raphael Colantonio and lead designer Ricardo Bare, development on PC is difficult because there are so many different configurations to deal with.

While post-release patches made the PC version of Dishonored 2 great, the developer hopes that Prey will work flawlessly upon release.

“In the case of Dishonored 2 we created a new engine really, even though it’s based on id Tech most of it has been redone,” the duo further explained. “In the case of Prey we’re using CryEngine and it’s an engine that’s already shipped stuff before, so it’s not the same configuration. We are, nevertheless, aware of the problem; we were already but it got us by surprise, this time we’ll be paying more attention for sure.”

While it’s great to see Arkane saying so, it’s also true that it’s almost a certainty these days to see a game give issues to certain PC configurations on release. What the developer can strive for is lower the number of configurations hit, and promise timely updates after release to correct the technical problems as soon as possible.

Prey is an upcoming first-person shooter in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It still has no release date but is expected to arrive later this year. That is if everything goes smoothly. We’ve already seen a ton of games being delayed in 2016. That trend is likely to follow this year as well.

SOURCE Game Informer

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