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Apple to adopt new 3D Touch technology for OLED iPhone

Apple is expected to replace its current 3D Touch technology with a completely new design based on thin film sensors when it will introduce its next-generation iPhone with an OLED display, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a notable Apple analyst.

A Design Change

Instead of using a sensor design involving flexible printed circuit boards, however, Apple is predicted to make the switch to thin film, a component package promising enhanced sensitivity over existing implementations. The increased should provide a better overall user experience than the now two-year-old 3D Touch design, perhaps paving the way for gestures more complex than home screen quick actions and system-wide “peek and pop” previews.

Hard To Achieve

Kuo notes that it is extremely difficult to fit a film sensor beneath an OLED panel. While current 3D Touch models use a rigid metal conductive plate as a part of the sensor design, film sensor stacks do not, which may leave the flexible OLED screen extremely frail and susceptible to deformation. To avoid potential damage from regular operation, a passive metal component will be placed under the film sensor to provide structural support, Kuo says.

OLED On The iPhone

It is rumored that Apple will be unveiling its first OLED phone later this year alongside a pair of “s” model upgrades for the iPhone 7 series. The 10th anniversary edition will be more luxurious and will feature a stainless steel “glass sandwich” design. It will also incorporate new innovative technologies such as wireless charging,  an “invisible” under-panel home button and more.


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