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AMD Ryzen VS. Intel i7 Results Revealed! Stress Test, Gaming, Power Consumption.

Every PC enthusiast is looking at the fierce competition currently happening between AMD and Intel. If you arer wondering if AMD has beat Intel in the battle for processor superiority, then this article might be of great use to you.

We have linked several graphs which indicate the key differences and compares the two very different processor architecture. One must remember however that results are subject to change once Ryzen is actually deployed.

Pre-Release Information

As of this writing, data has been gathered from a foreign site studying the outputs of AMD’s Ryzen compared to a set of intel processors. The charts we’ll be talking about are taken from Canard PC Hardware a PC magazine. All the tests are conducted on pre-release versions.

According to its official announcements from all types of media and including conferences, AMD Ryzen will be showcasing frequency clocked at 3.4 GHZ. On top of that, it will sport an automatic turbo feature. During the tests, however, it is worth noting that the clock is set at 3.15 GHz and then boosts up to 3.4 GHz on turbo mode.

AMD Ryzen VS Intel i7: Stress Test

he first benchmark shows that the AMD Ryzen outperforms all other Intel Core processors lower than the Core i7 6900K. Therefore, one can put the Ryzen right behind the Intel i7 6900K in the stress test.

AMD Ryzen Vs Intel i7: PC Gaming

For gaming purposes, the AMD Ryzen is ranked at 7th place. gaming benchmark result, the Ryzen is being beaten by Intel Core i5 6600 and above. Therefore, gamers must really think before picking up the Ryzeen for gaming.

AMD Ryzen VS Intel i7: Power Consumption

This graph shows the energy requirement for the set of chips on the said test. AMD Ryzen only got 3rd place and scored a 93 while the Intel Core i7 6900K scored 96.


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