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3DS Online Maintenance Scheduled for Next Week

The online features of Nintendo 3DS will once again undergo a systematic maintenance check next week, the company confirmed today.

According to the official network maintenance page, services will be taken offline on January 9 at 5 .p.m PT. The scheduled maintenance is set to take at least two hours. During this time, online play and rankings/leaderboards may be unavailable for users across all games.

It seems like a regular maintenance event. Nintendo isn’t adding in any new features or improving on existing ones in any significant manner.

In other Nintendo-related news, the company is preparing for its major Nintendo Switch presentation. The exclusive event is going to commence on January 12 and will be live-streamed for everyone around the world. The company is expected to announce the final price point for its new hybrid console machine, as well as highlight the launch lineup of games.

A release date for the console in different territories will also be likely confirmed. There may possibly be news on related peripherals and accessories. Most importantly, Nintendo will be sharing the system specifications of Nintendo Switch with the public.

Until now, we’ve only been led by rumors regarding how average the Switch is when compared with beefier hardware of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The official system specifications sheet will help us better understand where the Switch lies in the current-gen console era.

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