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Texan Family blame Apple’s Facetime in suit over their fatal crash!

A texan couple whose 5 year old daughter died due to being involved in a crash where the driver was using Apple’s Facetime Video chatting application is now suing the company.

The lawsuit was filed in December Santa Clara Superior Court accuses Apple of not implementing iPhone features that would automatically disable FaceTime based on technology that calculates highway speeds.

The company has not yet responded to the case and also did not immediately respond to an E-mail sent to them asking for their comment. 5 year old Moriah Modisette was killed in a 2014 Christmas Eve accident near Dallas.

The lawsuit obtained by California Television KLTA confirms that police found Facetime running on the iPhone of the driver who struck the family at 65 mph and consequently lead to the child’s death.

The family claims Apple knew the risks of using FaceTime while driving because the company patented “lock-out” technology in 2008.

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