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Super Mario Run Hits 50 Million Downloads, Gives out Free Tickets

Super Mario Run has now been downloaded over 50 million times since its release last week, Nintendo announced. In celebration of the momentous occasion, the company is giving out 10 Toad Rally tickets for all players for free. Make sure to sign into the game and stock up on those illusive tickets.

Super Mario Run was released for iOS devices on December 15. While the game continues to do well from a consumer point of view, investors of Nintendo are yet to share the company’s confidence in everyone’s favorite plumber.

Since its release, Nintendo’s stock prices have been taking a hit. Just a couple of days into the release of Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s share values dropped by five percent resulting in a loss of around $1.1 billion. Five days into the game, the company’s stock stood at ¥24,540 (approximately $211), down from its recent high point of ¥29,400 (approximately $252) on December 12.

Earlier this week, the company decided to scrap any plans of launching additional content for the mobile game in the future.

Super Mario Run is free-to-play but offers limited access in the form of three short levels. To experience the full game and all of its content, users must pay $10/£8. According to some, even the complete game is brief at the end of the day.

Super Mario Run is only available on iOS for now but Nintendo plans on release an Android version in early 2017. Perhaps some time is needed before investors start believing in Nintendo’s mobile vision. Surely, slapping on the Mario insignia on any product is bound to bring success.

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