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Super Mario Run Guide to Quickly Earning Toad Rally Tickets

Super Mario Run released for iOS devices earlier this week, jumping straight to the top of Apple’s free games charts within hours.

Among its various offerings is a new game mode called Toad Rally. In this, players race against each other to earn Gold Coins and Toads, both of which accumulate to help you expand your Mushroom Kingdom. Simply put, the more Toads you have, the more building options you get.

Collect Pink Coins
Each level features five Pink Coins that are scattered about randomly. Successfully collecting all five in a level rewards you with Gold Coins which can be used to decorate your Mushroom Kingdom. However, there’s a chance that the game rewards you with Toad Rally Tickets as well.

Do not fret if you missed out on any Pink Coins on the first run. You’re free to replay all the levels in Super Mario Run as often as you like. Make sure to get all five Pink Coins from each level.

Complete Toad Rally Races
These cost Toad Rally Tickets in the first place. When you have amassed enough tickets, take part in the races. Managing to win will sometimes net you your initially spent tickets, or in the best-case scenario, reward you with even more tickets.

Bonus Games
Once you start building your Mushroom Kingdom, take note of “Bonus Houses” in the menu options. These constructions take time to fill. However, once full, players can enter a Bonus Game where they are pitted against the clock to collect as many coins as possible. There’s also a hidden chest with a special item inside.

Do note though that Bonus Games don’t necessarily reward you with Toad Rally Tickets every time. As such, Bonus Games are probably the toughest routines to earn the illusive tickets. However, they are pretty fun to play at the end of the day.

Get the Premium Version
Buying Super Mario Run automatically gets you 3,000 Gold Coins, a Question Block decoration for your Mushroom Kingdom, and 20 beautiful Toad Rally Tickets.

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