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Snapchat Has Made A Deal With Disney For Its Very Own Shows

Disney and Snapchat, or Snap Inc. as they are now known, are partnering up to produce shows that will air exclusively on the social media app. Disney will produce Snapchat-story like programming starting with a recap of ABC’s The Bachelor called Watch Party: The Bachelor on January 3rd. Although details on the show are limited, Deadline reports that the 10-episode long show will feature celebrities, comedians and superfans as well as previous infamous Bachelors and Bachelorettes, watching one episode each week. So it’ll basically be a YouTube style reaction video. Maybe the Fine Brothers will sue, who knows? Snapchat has partnered with Disney before. This year they brought the Oscars to Snapchat as a live story. The show is expected to run between 3-5 minutes and will have commercial breaks; all commercials will be controlled by Disney.

Snapchat and Disney teamed up to bring users a Live Story of the Oscars

Snapchat has done some truly unique things this year. They’ve created an online magazine called Real Life that posts articles about living in an age dominated by technology. They’ve also released their trademark Spectacles via a selective vending machine that pops up unexpectedly in different cities (driving up the price of the Spectacles on eBay to well over $1000, well above its retail price of $130).

Snapchat is building a brand. They’ve successfully begun controlling their own hardware and software. Not only are the Spectacles specifically designed to take 10-second videos but they are a statement that the social network has entered the arena. There are no Facebook phones or Twitter tablets but Snapchat, a social network, now has recognisable tech just like Apple has the iPhone. Okay, it’s not an exact equivalency, but Snapchat’s stamp is on a product that can not be associated with anything else. Then there’s the partnership with Uber to let you apply a custom filter while you’re taking a ride.

As of June 2016, Snapchat had 150 million active users, racing ahead of Twitter. It’s an app that is gaining traction due to its philosophy being perfect for the times. Now snippets and bits of information matter more than entire clips or articles. And though, there are more people binge watching hour long series on Netflix than ever before, there are also more people scrolling through 3-second videos on Facebook and YouTube while they pee in the morning than ever before. This trend will keep up and we may eventually see more media houses heading the way Disney has.




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