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See What Critics Are Saying About The Last Guardian

Sony has released a new trailer for The Last Guardian which revels in various accolades bestowed upon the game by major publications.

In addition to perfect scores, many reviewers have labelled the action-adventure title as “a gaming masterpiece, an instant classic, and a marvelous achievement” from the development team.

The new accolades trailer runs for a minute and includes gameplay footage that showcases beautiful environments. The Last Guardian is indeed a thing of beauty. Despite being in development hell for almost a decade, it still seems surreal to know that it’s officially out.

While everyone is praising the game, it still features some technical issues that perhaps answer the question of its long-development cycle. On PlayStation 4, The Last Guardian is reported to be running poorly. The frame-rates constantly dip at random, and in some scenes, fall so low that the game begins stuttering. The PlayStation 4 Pro version, however, runs the game smoothly.

Putting aside review scores, The Last Guardian is not a perfect game. However, the mentioned issues are nothing compared to the wonderful world Sony has built for us. It’s an incredibly beautiful setting, accompanied by a soundtrack that is likely to live on for time to come.

The game is charming, the narrative intense, the gameplay inquisitive, and an overall experience that’s simply amazing.

If you’re yet to purchase a copy, we highly recommend to do so now. The Last Guardian is available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Make sure you are ready for the upcoming festive holidays.

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