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Rainbow Six Siege Holiday Event Features Festive Charms

Rainbow Six Siege is too celebrating the festive season by featuring its own batch of digital goodies for the player-base.

The game’s holiday event, running between now and January 3, has new Ubisoft Club challenges that offer exclusive weapon charms as seasonal rewards. The cosmetic upgrades are divided between three sub-events that celebrate different occasions.

The first batch of rewards is for Christmas, the second for New Year’s Eve, and the third for the game’s anniversary. It’s important to note that the relative weapon charms are sticking to a schedule. This means that you only have a small window to complete the challenges and obtain the rewards. Once the event moves forward, you can’t come back for any missed items.

You can check out the full schedule below; right now, players are tasked with securing kills with either melee attacks or gadgets.

Christmas Challenges (12/20 – 12/27)

Challenge: Do 10 kills with gadgets/melee
Reward: Sneaky Santa Charm

Challenge: Do 20 kills with gadgets/melee
Reward: Tactical Santa Charm

Challenge: Do 30 kills with gadgets/melee
Reward: Christmas Pattern 1

New Year’s Eve Challenge (12/27 – 1/3)

Challenge: MVP with 4000 Score
Reward: Disco Ball Charm

Rainbow Six Anniversary Challenges (12/20 – 12/27)

Challenge: Win 10 rounds with GIGN Operators
Reward:Twitch’s Shock Drone charm

Rainbow Six Anniversary Challenges (12/27 – 1/3)

Challenge: Win 10 rounds with FBI SWAT Operators
Reward: Castle’s Icon charm

Rainbow Six Siege recently received its fourth and final expansion pack, Operation Red Crow. With the game’s year-one season pass expired, Ubisoft announced another year’s worth of content. The tactical team-based shooter and its DLC model is doing remarkable for the developer. It forced Ubisoft to think over its DLC plans for the future. As such, expansion packs and add-ons for future games that don’t effect the single-player experience will be released for free. Anything other than that will carry a price tag. It’s an announcement that we can all stand behind.

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